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  1. Hershey's Payday Every Day IWG***TEXT***-8/9
  2. Pepsi “Fantasy Football” IWG at Buffalo Wild Wings-9/7
  3. Fazoli's/Coca Cola Universal Orlando Resort IWG***Limited States***-8/13
  4. Tecate Canelo v. GGG IWG-8/31
  5. ChoiceDek’s Beat the Heat IWG-7/25
  6. Kalahari Expeditions IWG-9/16
  7. Sonic Transform Your Summer IWG-7/23
  8. Camel Open Sound IWG-10/2
  9. Minute Maid Summer Thrills IWG-7/29
  10. Six Flags Picture Pass IWG-7/21
  11. Applebee’s RMH Backyard Bash IWG***Select States***-9/4
  12. Coca-Cola & Canteen personaliTEA IWG-7/31
  13. Culturelle The Healthiest You Ever IWG-10/31
  14. PDQ & Busch Gardens IWG-8/3
  15. Community Coffee Tailgate Traditions IWG-1/31/2018
  16. Summer Sprite™: Cold Lyrics Series™ IWG-8/28
  17. Bed Bath & Beyond® Campus Ready IWG-8/31
  18. Frito Lay Variety Packs Celebrate Back To School IWG-9/16
  19. Winston Bold Spin IWG-7/31
  20. Grizzly Customs IWG-8/22
  21. Libman Spin to Win Summer IWG-8/27
  22. Meijer/Kimberly Clark Magical Vacation IWG***6 States***-9/30
  23. Share an Ice Cold Coca-Cola IWG-8/31
  24. OREO Convenience Store Wonder Vault IWG-7/31
  25. Brisk Iced Tea IWG-7/31
  26. Chiquita Despicable Me 3 IWG-7/31
  27. Schofferhofer Grapefruit BOOM BOOM***Photo*** IWG-9/10
  28. Pall Mall Big Tiny House IWG-8/29
  29. Nestle SweeTARTS Follow Your Tart IWG-7/31
  30. Velveeta Liquid Gold Championship Experience IWG-9/17
  31. Nestl? Toll House Cookie of the Year IWG-9/30
  32. Juicy Juice "Race for Juicy Rewards" IWG***Code Til 10/17***-10/31
  33. Nissan MNT Demuestra Que Eres IWG-12/31
  34. Challenge Dairy Real Summer,Real Flavor IWG-9/8
  35. Similac® StrongMoms® Motherhood Your Way IWG-8/1
  36. Little Hug,Big Party IWG-8/27
  37. AC Delco Garage IWG-12/31
  38. Amazon Daily IWG Games- Ongoing
  39. Barbara's The Boss Baby Movie Ticket Giveaway***Weekly***-7/31
  40. Dial Rewards IWGs-9/30
  41. Shop Your Way IWGs
  42. VSP Vision Care Envision IWG-8/7
  43. How to Win Instant Win Games Online Instructions & Tips