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    Default Merry XMAS Absolute Forum !

    Sorry this is late,but I had one helluva week.I hope everyone had a great holiday surrounded by loved ones.(& lots of good food !) What presents did ppl get ? Did you find the perfect gift for someone ? Any funny stories ? Feel free to share...

    I got my InstaPot-can't wait to experiment ! Got my best bud an indoor grill (combo Xmas & housewarming).Most of Salt Lake is sick,but thankfully my fam is fine...I know I'm exhausted...
    "We make a living by what we get,but we make a life by what we give"-W Churchill

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    I think we all had that kind of week one way or another. Rissa was insistant on having Christmas on Christmas eve at 3am (we use to do that because I would usually have to work Christmas day). that was her first mistake ~ she copped an attitude with her boyfriend and it escalated from there. It ended when she through an empty barrel of monkeys base at the side of Ryan's head and I had to call an ambulance ~ we were going to let her sit in jail because we have had enough and she hasn't been 18 for a full month yet. She called her Church Mentor (who was in IA at the time) and he paid her bond. She has court today ~the reason for their argument was all so dumb and kinda funny.

    I made Ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, grean beans, deviled eggs, biscuits, and butternut squash for Don, Padre, my daughter's friend, and me.

    I got cookie cutters from my grandson (8 month old Tylor) and a mystery basket that was placed on my front porch with a copy of the New Testament, a small booklet of christmas carols, $15 Subway gift card (Rissa snagged that), a christmas kitchen hand towel, a nasty tasting candy bar, a small candle in a glass, and Miracle on 42nd Street DVD.

    I was looking more at having a Christmas next month, because I got finacially drained from Rissa and her boyfriend (Ryan) got evicted from their apartment and having to buy stuff for the baby, etc...

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