Do you love to try new products - below you will find best product services review? I know you do, that's why you are here!Consumer product testing services is the evaluation of goods sold in the retail marketplace. Testing can determine if products comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards, along with identifying how a product will perform for the consumer or against a competitors?? products.

Best Product Testing Services Review is sponsored by Proctor and Gamble and is a website designed by women just for women. It provides women with the opportunity to try new products, get coupons for new products, get information on a variety of topics from cleaning to careers and share your opinion on many topics, including the product samples or discounts its members are provided with. Unlike many sites, this one does not demand participation from its members after receipt of samples or coupons, but does ask that all members participate in as many opportunities as possible.
Activities: offers a few activities periodically. These activities provide you with the offer to "join in" and when you do you are led to a page that describes the product and how it is used. You simply join in, sit back and wait for the coupons or sample to come in the mail.
Overall product testing services review - vocalpoint is fun and I love getting the free products and coupons, the site overall is average. The activities do not change often enough to have a great deal of variety or sometimes I do not get notification of new activities, so have to visit the site just to see what is available. The limiting nature of the site keeps someone like my sister from being able to participate, even though she would enjoy not only the products and discounts but the discussion boards also. - Product Testing Services Review
ViewPoints is a product review site, where your opinion does indeed give insight to others. Users can review just about anything, from toilet cleaners to spaghetti restaurants and baby car seats. The emphasis is on what you, the dear reviewer, have to say; therefore, the site encourages reviewers to submit info about themselves, create profiles and the like. So while shopping for a towel or blanket, a shopper not only can find the best towel/blanket, she may also find a friend. The site fosters connections between readers and reviewers; reviewers can give themselves attribute tags, such as ???I am a spicy food lover/traveler??? so that others can filter reviews by people they can connect with, making the site much more personal.
Overall product testing services review: Product review plus social networking may leave some people with mixed feelings. After all, if you??re researching a new carpet, do you really need to delve into the life story of the reviewer? People want quick stats, a list of pros and cons, and a short description. They don??t want rants or longwinded reviews. That said, ViewPoints is entering a competitive and crowded market.

Smyle.LY - Product Testing Services Review
Smile LY is the "worlds first social media powered community" which is designed to bring you new products to try and share. Why join? Because you can be among the first to try exclusive new products, experiences, and offers. And you are powering your social media networks with more to talk about.
It's free to join and once you register an account and complete your profile, then just click on your "my profile" page and see what offers you already have waiting for you! It's that quick.
Your opinions matter in the community. You are not paid but you benefit from sharing those opinions and your thoughts by earning status (like here at Viewpoints), smiles, rewards, and other special offers from popular brands and merchants.

Status is your rating within the community and has five levels. You advance levels by completing missions, receiving smiles, and adding content to the BrandConnect. Smiles are considered currency and you earn them by just being a member, logging in, creating and adding to BrandConnect, completing missions, recruiting members, and more. By earning Smiles you can get rewards like, improves status, chances to participate in internet shows, serve as a brand manager, or be a featured fan on the homepage.

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