I have been pretty lucky in the last 15 yrs doing surveys. Here are some reputable sites. I really would love the help to as I
can get overwhelmed with some.
I know this profile is long. Start and stop .Take breaks but well worth it . I am currently testing a face cream and they just asked me to
test another . So .Clicksresearch .com .(separate so won't come up) if you google this I know it says volunteer, take my
word., I also made 100 in a monthly drawing too. Some surveys even come from different places but all can be from Clicks. I have called
and they support a numerous number of others. Like surveysavy. etc..which all come from Clicks.
Globaltestmarket has changed their point scale to lifepoints. I know it seems like takes more to reach the 6000 to cash out but really
more is available to make per survey. I am swamped so help would be a blessing

Plazaresearch ..com have various area.
You can see all on Facebook and what they are needing and where. You can sign up after completion of survey or go to the site. (Do not get nervous as they use survy monkey (which i signed up there and do charity surveys for the ASACP) Makes me feel good
just sign up .>> just made 100$ there last night for a half hour phone survey on medical condition. Here is an example of some recent ones and one they need now

Nationwide Study
Office In Charge: Las Vegas
Who: Males and Females ages 18+ who may or may not have been diagnosed with Arrhythmia
Date: May 2017
Length/Honorarium: 30-minute phone interview / $100
Location: Remote PHONE interview
If you are interested in the Inpatient/Outpatient

this one is below is needed now

PlazaAtlanta is currently seeking individuals who work in the Financial sector
Topic: Investment Banking
Who: Individuals who are currently responsible for gathering, analyzing and reporting complex digital data and information in the financial sector
When: May 1st - 14th
Length/Pay: 2 hours / $200 Web assisted telephone interview
Where: Web assisted telephone interview
**Must be able to verify employment**
** There is a mandatory homework assignment
If you are interested in the Investment Banking
Numerous others like acop..com , focusfwd.com>> is surveysquad..com. but go to focus and hit sign up for panel. They just dropped 17.00 in my paypal and still do not know why Again feel blessed .. so ..need more ..contact me
Have a blessed day ..in case Clicksresearch asks for proof of your invite .message me , thank you so much ..Really appreciate this