View Full Version : 43% off 800A 20000mAh Car Jump Starter for $39.99

02-04-2018, 05:41 PM

Suaoki has 800A Car Jump Starter (https://www.suaoki.com/collections/jump-starters/products/u10-800a-peak-20000mah-portable-car-jump-starter)on sale for 43% off with the coupon code 30OFFU10. The final price is $39.99. The code is only available for the orange.


High Capacity: multifunctional and high efficient 20000mAh (800A peak) battery boosts your 12V vehicle (up to 6L gas / 5L diesel engine), 2 USB ports charging for the long-lasting backup power to your phone and tablet
Intelligent Clamps: simply connect the clamps to a jump starter and attach the red/black clip directly to a vehicle's battery for instant power boosting, only unplug the clamps from the car battery and plug it again while in fault state
Secure Protection: each port of the unit is dustproof and splashproof, and protections from clamps are over or under current/voltage, reverse charging, anti-access battery polarity, manually forced start and an automatic recovery in the fault state
LCD Screen and LED Lights: one button switch, a LCD screen clearly displays the exact numerical output and battery consumption with percentages, and one press for Strong/ SOS/ Strobe LED lights and double press for Red Alarm mode as emergency usage
Built in Compass:the gadget comes with a compass that is always pointing to North direction and that is good for your outdoor guidance especially when you're climbing or wide adventure