A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit alleging WEN hair products caused some users to suffer hair loss, hair damage or scalp irritation.
If you purchased and/or used WEN hair care products, you may be entitled to compensation from the class action settlement.
Hundreds of plaintiffs have filed class action lawsuits against the manufacturers of WEN after they allegedly suffered hair loss and/or scalp injuries after using the hair care products.

Who’s Eligible

Class Members of the WEN hair care settlement include consumers who purchased for personal or home use at least one of the following WEN products between Nov. 1, 2007 and Sept. 19, 2016:
• Cleansing Conditioner
• Re-Moist Mask
• Treatment Mist Duo
• Treatment Oil
• SIXTHIRTEEN Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Treatment
• Re-Moist Intenstive Hair Treatment
• Styling Cr?me
• Anti-Frizz Styling Cr?me
• Nourishing Mousse
• Volumizing Treatment Spray
• Replenishing Treatment Mist
• Defining Paste
• Straightening Smoothing Gloss
• Smoothing Glossing Serum
• Glossing Shine Serum
• Finishing Treatment Cr?me
• Volumizing Root Lift
• Texturizing Spray
• Detangling Treatment Spray
• Men Control Texture
• Men Hair and Body Oil
• Bath Body and Hair Oil
• Texture Balm

Potential Award

Up to $20,000.
Tier 1: Class Members can file a claim for a one-time payment of $25 for claims of personal injury after using WEN or alleged false statements regarding WEN.
Tier 2: Class Members with Documented Adverse Reaction Claims for personal injuries such as hair loss, hair damage, scalp irritation and emotional distress may submit a claim for up to $20,000.
NOTE: Payments may be reduced on a pro rata basis depending on the total number of valid claims filed.

Proof of Purchase

Class Members who submit a Tier 2 claim must provide evidence supporting their damage to hair and/or scalp; duration of physical injury; emotional damage; out-of-pocket expenses and/or medical history. The following forms of evidence will be accepted by the Settlement Administrator in support of a Tier 2 claim:
• Before and after photographs showing damage to your hair and/or scalp
• Video testimony by the Class Member describing the claimed injury
• Medical records, doctors’ notes, test results and/or a statement from a licensed medical professional about the hair loss or scalp damage
• Written or video statement from the Class Member’s hair stylist about the amount of hair loss suffered
• Written or video statements from other witnesses who can testify about the damage to the Class Member’s hair and/or scalp and the effect it had on the Class Member.

  • Proof of purchase is not required to submit a Tier 1 claim. However, Class Members must declare under the penalty of perjury that all the information provided in the Claim Form is true and correct.