Building a car for the race track, car show or the boulevard gives a certain degree of pride to car enthusiasts. This summer, get your work-in-progress project car powered with a 427 LS NEXT block twin-supercharged powerhouse engine from Holley and Prestige Motorsports. The 427 cubic inch, Supercharged LS V8 Engine is capable of making a ton of power. You could win this powerhouse LS Engine by entering into the 2020 Holley LS Engine Sweepstakes.


Limit: You must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for the sweepstakes. Only one entry is allowed during the Sweepstakes Period.

How to Enter:

Visit and follow the instructions to submit the registration form with the required details to receive one entry into the Sweepstakes.

(1) Grand Prize:

One LSNEXT-427-B1-C1 TORQUE STORM (ARV: $23,364.44)

The engine shall include the following parts:

Dart LS Next Pro Iron Block, 9.240 Deck, 4.125 Bore, 6-bolt main, Billet main caps, 1-piece rear seal. It comes with cam bearings, cam plate and hardware kit. Square decked, bored, align bored, honed, clearanced and cleaned.
CSS1022 - Crankshaft Sensor
MS-2321H - Dart LS NEXT block
CR807XPN - King Connecting Rod Bearing
CRS434740006100 - Eagle Forged 4340 Steel Crankshaft Chevrolet LS Series 4.000" Stroke, Internal Chevrolet LS Series 4.000" Stroke, Internal Balance, 58 Tooth Reluctor Wheel
CRS 6125O3D200 0 - Eagle - 4340 Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods.
MISC - DSS Racing Forged 2618 Pistons and rings, 4.125 bore. Heavy wall pins, gas ported
SUM-G2621 - Rear Main Seal Housing
MISC - Custom ground HR camshaft
134-1003 - Cam Bolt, High Performance, Black Oxide, M8, Chevy, 5.7L, LS1, Set of 3
73181 - SA Gear Double Roller Timing Set, Small Block LS
12633906 - Timing Cover
10296 - Oil Pump
6665G - Oil Pan Gasket
302-15 - LS Oil Dipstick and Tube Kit for use with LS Retro-fit Oil Pans
918853 - ATI - Steel Supercharged Damper
234-2503 - LS1 LS6 5.7L 6.0L BALANCER BOLT"
10-11003 - LS Adjustable Timing Pointer Kit
10-11003 - LS Adjustable Timing Pointer Kit
B-2148SE - Hy-Lift Johnson Hydraulic Roller Lifter
EG 365 - Valve Lifter Guide
12551163 - Lifter Guide Retainer Bolt
3284G - MLS HG GM LSX 4.125 Bore x .051 RHT
3283G - MLS HG GM LSX 4.125 Bore x .051 LFT
LS1 BARE - Prestige Motorsports Aluminum heads
MISC - Valve Train Kit
11610259 - Chevrolet Performance Engine Coolant Pipe and Plug Bolts
TS10076 - Coolant Temperature Sensor
234-4341 - ARP SB Chevy Dart LS Next 23-bolt head stud kit. 7/16, 12pnt ARP 2000
MISC - Custom Length Pushrods
241-265 - Engine Valley Cover
61021G - Valley Cover Gasket
60920G - Valley Cover Bolt Set
61040G - Valve Cover Gasket Set
241-172 - 2 Piece Cast Aluminum LS Valve Covers with Coil-Mounting Base & Integrated Coil Cover
12577215 - Valve Cover Bolts
AR3932 - Spark Plug Set
HP-1017 - Oil Filter
550045126 - Rotella T 15W40 Engine Oil
300-620BK - Lo-Ram Manifold Kit
112-585 - LS 95mm TB w/cable drive and taper
543-34 - Holley Idle Air Control Valve
870001 - Throttle Position Sensor
20-149 - Cable bracket for 90, 95, & 105mm throttle bodies
HLY-FRC - Edelbrock Fuel Rail cross over line and fittings
IS303-1000 H - 1000CC fuel injectors
550-905 - Terminator X MPFI Kit
558-443 - CAN to USB Dongle
826583 - MSD Ignition Coil set
558-321 - LS Coil Harness
561-100 - Spark Plug wire Set
Misc - ARP-K-GM-LS1006 - LS Conversion - Twin Charger Kit with Accessories