If you are a big fan of Little Caesars’s most favorite and much-loved Pretzel Crust Pizza, then here is good news for you. Now, you can gratify your taste buds with innovative Pretzel Crust Pizza customizable with new cheese-stuffed crust and traditional pizza sauce made from vine-ripened tomatoes. To double your excitement, little Caesars has put some twists and hidden game codes “in athlete social media content, a radio spot, and also in the middle of the desert. So just find out the code and enter it in Little Caesars Unlock Pretzel Crust Instant Win Game, you can unlock hundreds of free prizes like Pretzel Crust pizza shoes, a Pretzel Crust area rug scooter, Pretzel Crust-themed moped and so much more.

CLICK HERE TO ENTER: https://unlockpretzelcrust.com/

Limit: You can submit a unique game code only once.

How to Play Little Caesars Unlock Pretzel Crust Instant Win Game:

During the promotion period, various Game codes will be featured via various Little Caesar’s advertisements, social posts, and other locations. First, find out the game code and visit www.unlockpretzelcrust.com and enter the code to reveal whether you are an instant winner or not. If you are an instant winner and want to receive a prize display on the screen, you have to complete the required information requested on the on-screen claim form to accept and receive your prize.

(105) Instant Win Prizes:

(3) Smart Watch with/Pretzel Crust watch band (ARV: $410 for each)
(1) Smart Phone w/Pretzel Crust case (ARV: $1,410 for each)
(5) 6’ Pretzel Crust round Area rug (ARV: $510 for each)
(1) Pretzel Crust wrapped Sponsor-specified scooter + helmet + tax offset MSRP (ARV: $8235 for each)
(3) Custom gaming console skinned with Pretzel Crust (ARV: $460 for each)
(2) Pretzel Crust Bomber Jacket (ARV: $93 for each)
(5) Pretzel Crust Necktie (ARV: $60 for each)
(5) Pretzel Crust Vinyl Record (ARV: $210 for each)
(1) Pretzel Crust Drum Set with Pretzel Crust pizza decal and custom drum sticks (ARV: $1,510 for each)
(2) Pretzel Crust Sweater (ARV: $85 for each)
(1) Ornate Framed Canvas of Pretzel Crust (ARV: $260 for each)
(20) Pair of Pretzel Crust Socks (ARV: $25 for each)
(1) One 240 sq. foot roll of Custom Printed Pretzel Crust Wallpaper (ARV: $730 for each)
(5) Custom 1,000-piece Pretzel Crust Jigsaw Puzzle (ARV: $85 for each)
(15) Pair of Custom Pretzel Crust flip flops (ARV: $45 for each)
(5) Pretzel Crust Backpack (ARV: $85 for each)
(5) Pretzel Crust Scented Candle (ARV: $60 for each)
(5) Double-sided Pretzel Crust sequin throw pillow (ARV: $360 for each)
(1) Pretzel Crust Corn Hole Board (ARV: $55 for each)
(5) A 10” Pretzel Crust round wall clock (ARV: $260 for each)
(5) A pair of custom Pretzel Crust Sponsor-specified High-top Sneakers (ARV: $25 for each)
(1) Goalie Mask (ARV: $460 for each)
(5) Custom Pretzel Crust/Mt. Dew branded Skateboard; Custom skate deck (ARV: $70 for each)
(3) Custom Pretzel Crust/Mt. Dew branded Cargo Box (ARV: $810 for each)