March is the month of thousands of winning opportunities. If you can beat everyone with your March Madness picks, then never miss your chance to submit your predictions regarding the NCAA March Madness tournament in WSN March Madness Pick ?em Contest. For every correct prediction, you can win $200 cash to spend your heart desire. But if you can guess everything right, then you can fill your pocket with $5000 extra cash. So letís play it and grab your chance to win up to $5800.


Limit: Participants have a weekly chance to play this game.

How to Participate in March Madness Pick'em Contest:
Step 1:

Visit and make a registration with your valid email address and required personal details.

Step 2:

After that, do login and click on the ďPlayĒ button and select the teams that you think will be winning that week.

Step 3:

If your predictions are 100% correct, then you will be the winner of the game and receive an email with instructions to help you collect your winnings!

The contest will reset every week, so must play it. In the case of multiple winners, one will be selected randomly.

Week 1 March Madness Contest Timing:
The first part of the March Madness 2021 contest will start on Monday, March 15th, and end Thursday morning.

Before the First Four games are played, you will get a chance to predict the outcome of the First Four games and the First Round at the same time. Once you login into the game, you will see four cards with eight games each. First, submit the prediction of the First Four winners to advance to each card and then who you think will win each card. The cards are organized into East, West, South, and Midwest.

Note: This contest is not a typical March Madness bracket, but set with three contests and giving you several opportunities to win over the course of the month.

The second round of March Madness Contest:
It will cover sweet 16 games. The second round of the contest will go live after the Second Round games and will close Friday, March 26th.

The third round of March Madness Contest:
It will cover Final Four and the Championship Game. The third round of the contest will go live after the Elite Eight games and will close Friday, April 2nd before the Final Four Games.

In order to grab a winning opportunity, you have to just submit your prediction before the beginning of the games. If you donít win in the first round, then donít worry still you have two more chances to play the game and win prizes.

(12) Weekly Prizes (4 per week):

Each winner will receive $200 cash

(3) Grand Prizes (1 per week)

If you guess everything right, then you will receive a Grand prize of $5000 cash.