PayPal is offering $20 off your first purchase when you are approved for PayPal Credit


How it Works:

"Eligible Participant": Open to holders of an U.S. personal (including PayPal, PayPal Cash and PayPal Cash Plus) or premier PayPal account in good standing (“Valid PayPal Account”) who are presented with the offer and do not currently have a PayPal Credit account.

How to Qualify: Eligible Participants must receive the offer, apply during the same session as offer presentment, and be approved for a new PayPal Credit account (“Qualifying Action”). Existing PayPal Credit accountholders are not eligible for the Reward. PayPal Credit applicants who are not approved for an account are not eligible to receive the Reward.

"Reward": $20.00 USD voucher that will be viewable in the "Offers" section of the Eligible Participant's PayPal account for personal or premier accounts.

"Redemption Period": The Reward will expire on 9/1/2030.