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    Default USPS Welcome Kit for filing Change-of-Address

    The U.S. Postal Service is sending a free "Welcome Kit" to all Americans who move. The kits are customized with local community information, and have money-saving tips for movers as well as coupons from national companies.To receive the kit, all you have to do is file online here:


    USPS is currently experiencing a known issue with Internet Explorer that will be remediated July 30th. To file a Change-of-Address, use a newer browser such as Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Opera on a desktop or mobile device.

    Filing online will unlock instant savings with immediate access to over $750 in exclusive mover’s coupons and savings. File 30 days before you move so you can use these timely coupons during your move.

    The kit includes:

    - An official Postal Service change of address confirmation letter, so you'll know that your mail will be delivered to your new address.

    - Information on where to register your car and obtain a driver's license, including the phone number of the state motor vehicle facility nearest you.

    - Voter registration information, including the phone number of the local voter registrar.

    - Internal Revenue Service procedures for filing a new address to receive tax return forms and/or refunds expeditiously.

    - An "important telephone numbers reference page" that lists local phone numbers for post offices, libraries, emergency services and major government agencies.

    - A coupon book with tips for saving money on common home-related expenses.

    - Money-saving coupons from national advertisers.

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    Thank you.

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