Submit the form during each week for a chance to win each of these world-class drum kits.
That’s right, you can enter both giveaways!


Week 1: Sept. 16 thru Sept. 22, 2021
DW Performance Series 5-Piece Shell Pack With Ebony Stain Lacquer
DW 5000 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal
DW 5300 Snare Drum Stand
DW 5500D Delta II 3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand
2 DW 5000 Series Single Tom and Boom Cymbal Stands
DW 5100 Drum Throne
14” Zildjian K Custom Dark Hi-Hats
16” Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash
18” Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash
20” Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride
Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks
Vic Firth SBAG4 Stick Bag

Week 2: Sept. 23 thru Sept. 29, 2021
Roland VAD503 V-Drums Acoustic Design Electronic Drum Set
Roland PM-100 V-Drum Speaker System
Roland RDH-120A Pro Hi-Hat Stand
Roland RDT-RV Round Drum Throne
Roland RDH-130 Pro Snare Drum Stand
Roland Premium Stick Bag