Do you believe you can wincontests & sweepstakes? Many people avoid entering sweepstakes, instatn winning games (IWG) and contest because they feel that they will never really win. Sweepstakes , after all, have long odds, and many people feel they have never really been lucky. However, luck is only the smallest and least important part of winning fantastic prizes. To consistently win sweepstakes, you really need the Three P's of Sweeping - Patience, Positive Attitude, and a Perseverance.

How to Win Sweepstakes and Contests

'Congratulations! You have just won ten million dollars!' Wouldn't that be nice to hear? How about, 'Congratulations! You have just won ten pairs of socks!' Well, it does not quite have the same ring to it, but it is always nice to win. If you like getting something for nothing (and who doesn't?) maybe it is time you won a sweepstakes. Of course sweepstakes winners are chosen at random like a lottery, so there's no way to increase your chance of winning. Or is there?

1. Find any sweepstakes to enter

It is not too hard to find sweepstakes. You can enter them at the grocery store, at fundraisers, at the bank, or on the internet. Heck, you probably even get invitations to enter sweepstakes in the email. You probably want to enter most of these sweepstakes of course, but if you are really serious about winning, you need to actively seek out sweepstakes. Start reading the newspaper and going through your mail more carefully. Carry a notepad and pen with you to jot down the details of any sweepstakes you might see on TV or hear on the radio. Search the internet - there are even internet databases, some free and some by subscription only, that can clue you in to hundreds or thousands of sweepstakes.

2. Patience - How to Win Sweepstakes and Contests

Entering sweepstakes is a frustrating hobby for the impatient. Even if you are lucky enough to win a sweepstakes prize on your very first day you enter, it will usually take a while for you to be notified of your win. After all, the sweepstakes has to draw to a close, the entries must be verified, your name drawn, and the sponsor has to get in touch with you - all of which can take weeks or months. And of course, the chances are high that your first entry will not be the winner. For most people, the minimum length of time to wait before winning a prize is three months.

And patience is not only important for your first win. Even the best sweepers go through dry spells where they are entering tons of sweepstakes, following all of the recommended tips to win, and still do not receive a prize notification for weeks or months at a time.

That's why patience is an important part of winning sweepstakes. If you do not have the patience to wait for wins, sweepstakes entry won't be fun and you won't stick around long enough to win.

3. Read the rules carefully and follow them to the letter.

You can not expect to win if you don't play by the rules. Go through the contest rules with a fine-tooth comb. Some are very simple, but others are not. If you do not follow the rules exactly, your entry will be disqualified. The good news is that many people don't follow the rules, a fact which increases your chances of winning. One rule that almost all sweepstakes have is an entry deadline. You've got to beat the deadline or you won't win.

4. How to win sweepstakes and contests - Perseverance

The second important thing that people need to win sweepstakes is perseverance. Not only do you need to keep up your enthusiasm even when you are going through a dry spell, but you've got to enter a high number of sweepstakes even when you do not feel like you will win. The fewer sweepstakes you enter, the longer you will have to wait until another prize shows up at your door. Persevering through the dry spells and sticking to your sweepstakes strategy is the best way to win amazing prizes.

5. Print legibly

Make sure that other people can read everything you write on your sweepstakes entries, particularly your contact information. If you have atrocious handwriting, consider typing your entries if the rules allow it.

6. Positive Attitude

The most important thing to remember is that entering sweepstakes is not a job or a sure way of earning money. Sweeping is not just about winning sweepstakes, but also about making friends, dreaming about great prize wins, and sharing the excitement of winning prizes with others. Keeping a positive attitude about your entries and enjoying the time you spend sweeping will go a long way toward keeping you motivated and helping you win.

7. Provide the right answer

Some sweepstakes require that you answer a question correctly. There's no point in entering these if you don't have the right answer, so check and double-check the accuracy of your answer before sending in your entry.

8. It's Time to Make Your Own Luck! How to Win Sweepstakes and Contests.

Even if you're not a lucky person, you can win amazing prizes with a little bit of time and dedication - and you can have fun doing it! These links can help you take the next step and start winning fantastic prizes.

9. Enter as many times as possible

The more times you enter, the better your odds. It's as simple as that. Before you send in a million entries, however, make sure you know how many entries the rules allow you. If you send in one too many, you'll be disqualified. Additionally, rules may stipulate "one entry per day" or "one entry per envelope." If you're having to pay postage for each entry, consider your budget, and don't get carried away, especially if the prize isn't worth much.
- Bring entry forms home. If you can just drop your entries into a box, take some entry forms home with you so that you can fill out as many as the rules permit without feeling crunched for time.
- Space out your entries. Assuming that the number of times you can enter is constrained, either by the rules or by your budget, don't send in or drop in all your entries at one time. Wait a few days or weeks (depending on the contest) between entries so that when the entries get mixed together you've got a better chance of one of your entries landing on top.

10. Follow the requirements to claim your prize

Once you've won, you've still got to make sure you get your prize, and that usually requires you filling out some affidavits, possibly notarized, or completing some kind of paperwork in a timely fashion. Follow through on claiming your prize, and make sure you meet any deadlines. Watch out for scams, though (see Warnings section below).