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    Default Overseas Coupon Program for Military Families

    Have you been wondering What To Do With Expired Coupons? There is a wonderful, giving opportunity so that all of that printer ink you used doesn??t go to waste!

    Send your coupons to military family overseas! The military commissaries and department stores on base will accept coupons in foreign countries that are up to 2 months expired. You can send them to the Overseas Coupon Program, which will them give them to military families! You can also Donate instead if you don??t have any coupons to send!

    These are the steps to mail your coupons to OCP:

    * Go to the Base List and choose a base that says ???Yes, Please Adopt Us??? to ???Adopt??? a base.
    * Go to the Adoption Form and fill out completely.
    :: Hint: do not hit Enter until you are done or it will reset the page: Use the Tab Key!
    * When you are finished, hit Enter.
    * You will not be contacted by OCP, but once you have completed the form you can start to send your coupons!
    * Go to the OCP Adoption page for all of your FAQ??s about sending your coupons! (not Apotion Form, just Adopt)
    * Make sure you write down the address of where to send your coupons (or bookmark the page).
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