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    Default Simple Ways To Find Samples, Coupons, Free

    Ok this is my take on this but everyone has their own style.

    Sign Up w/all the main companies that you buy from and like - most have newsletters, etc. and when they have any samples/coupons, in store events they will notify you.

    Google Search: Free Samples, Samples, etc. U get the picture..

    Walmart always has great samples and they do come quite quick if you are starting out.

    Of Course: Keep looking on this sight.

    Enter Sweepstakes - You'd be suprised many real people win them and later they send you emails on their producst.

    Well not to waste everyone's time this was just to help those that are newer to all this. Hope this gives you an abbreviated version on how this all works. Enjoy the great samples, fun, games, etc.

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    Just an FYI.. I read the information the one poster had. Very good information. Always be careful with your personal information when searching & signing up for offers. We all need to be aware re: personal information, address, dob, phone numbers, etc. I know that most have po box's, generic emails, generic phone numbers, etc. This is just a reminder for those that might not be aware re: personal information. Thanks again to the poster that had a great article to read.

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