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    Default Mail Call 1/14/12

    This is actually for the last week or so, so bear with me.

    Keebler Jumbo Fudge Stick sample
    Astroglide sample
    Home Made Simple Booklet with $35.50 in coupons
    Crate & Barrel 6 Way Opener (Stouffer Rewards)
    Oprah's Life Class Journal
    Free Pop Secret Popcorn coupon (Disney Rewards)
    Oransi Ionic Air Purifier for Refrigerator (win)
    Tork At Home Decorative Napkin Dispenser and napkins refill (win)
    Tork At Home Hand Towel Decorative Dispenser and towel refill (win)
    $5 Amazon Gift Code (win)
    $10 Amazon Gift Code (SuperPoints)
    4 Oregon Chai Sample Packs & 4 $1 coupons
    2 RepHresh Sample Packs with Gel, Pro-B, pH Tampons, & $44 in coupons
    Person of Interest Digi Clean Pad (Klout)
    Dove Nourishing Oil Care Leaev-In Smoothing Cream & $1 coupon
    Nexxus Pro-Mend Split End Binding sample
    Garnier Ultra-Lift Deep Wrinkle Day Cream sample & $2 coupon
    Burt's Bees Bee Merry & Bright Lip Balm (win)
    Spring Home Supersoft Plush Twin Blanket (win)
    Case of 16 bags of Oogies Gourmet Popcorn

    And you'll never guess what else.........Like all the stuff I already got from Suave wasn't enough they sent me.......

    8 full-size Dry Shampoo Bottles

    That just cracks me up!! Now I have 8 of every Suave Professional product they make. Too funny!!!

    Better Homes & Gardens
    Woman's Day
    Family Circle
    Country Woman
    Martha Stewart Living
    Family Fun
    Bloomberg Business Week
    Midwest Living

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    Wow!! That's an awesome list Lois!

    All I got today was 2 magazines:
    Bowhunt America
    PC World
    We give little when we give of our possessions. It is when we give of ourselves that we can truly touch another person??s life. [Anonymous]

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