It has been quite a weird world this past year.
It almost a year I don't want to repeat.
Aside from the quarentine,
my absence from the website was not
intentional. My own website suffered as well,
but not as much, since the owner did alot of what
I normally would have done.
I went from renting a home for 13 years,
to living in a tent for months because my landlord
decided to sell the house but I could stay until then,
but less than a month after we made the agreement,
I received a "Terminacy of Residency" from his attorney,
and had 30 days to vacate.
With 7 cats and 6 chickens we "went camping" in Don's
dad's backyard. The city decided that the tent was a
"Permanent Residence" and we had to move it. I gave my 2 calico
cats to a member of my church. I had to surrender the other 7
to a no kill shelter. They also reneged on their word as well.
I was told they would hold them until I found a place, then it went
to I could only get 2 back. Anyway, I then lived in a motel for
2 1/2 months, paying $250/week. My best friend, Marlene
passed away to cancer and buried on Friday the 13th. Then a
friend told me that there wasa mobile home by
her for rent. I didn't want a trailer, I wanted to
get my credit up and money for a down payment on a house but
that wasn't going to happen at a motel, so I called to inquire. I tried
to call 4 days in a row. On the 4th day they picked up the phone while
I was leaving my usual message. I was told that it was not for rent but for sale..
My heart dropped and I asked how much. They would not rent to own.
When they told me how much, I said "OH!, give me a day or two to see what I
could do." My Uncle's money was tied up, so he could not help (He is 84?). Ends up
my brother-in-law offered to help out but I did not know it at the time.
My sister and I went out to see about making a deal. We walked in and I already
owned the trailer by putting half down and paying off the rest. My brother in law
would have given me all the money, in cash if needed.
So as this New Year starts, I will have this trailer paid off by May, plus
what I still owe my brother-in-law. Next step is to get the 2 cats the
no kill shelter said I could have, plus I intend to adopt the rest back.
So I have alot of good luck going into 2021.