Wasn't sure where to put this but here goes:

WARNING!!! Do not purchase products from Just Fab. When you do you are automatically signed up for a monthly thing. If you don't purchase something from them each month they will charge you a fee of $39.95 anyway!!!

I tried to get a refund and cancel my "membership" and they said if I cancel my membership I can't get a refund! WHAT??? The person on the phone kept telling me all these things I could get instead even after I said repeatedly that I did not want any products.

I can not tell you how upset I am bout this! I don't want any of you to fall into the same mess!! I just helped a friend out with a gift she wanted for someone else. UGH!! Stay away from Jus tFab!!!

I don't know how any of you feel about this company, but after 30 minutes of trying to get my membership cancelled and still not accomplishing that I'm upset!