If you want to request a tree, please fill out the following request form. You will be put on the request list and you will get an email in December letting you know when we start giving away trees.

We consider all requests for a free decorated Christmas tree. Whatever part of the country you are in, our elves try to provide a tree for everyone that requests one, but we can't promise one.

To request a tree, click the "Request a Tree" button below and fill out the tree request form. Please use this form rather than email or call in tree requests.

What Cities Do We Serve?

Although we are in Colorado Springs and much of our efforts are still in Colorado Springs and Denver, we have head elves in Denver, Reno and Los Angeles, and are now coast-to-coast. We give away trees (when possible) to families all over the US. We gave away a tree in Nairobi and last year sponsored a Christmas feast in a refugee village in Uganda.