In colder months, to safely sleep your new baby in an empty crib with no blankets you can dress your baby in one extra layer of clothing or a sleep sack. Request a sleep sack for your new baby from CelebrateOne while supplies last.

To request a sleep sack, please fill out the form below. Only one sleep sack is available to each qualifying family.

CelebrateOne is providing sleep sacks FREE to families in Franklin County with a baby up to 4 months old while supplies last. If your baby will be born November 15 or later, ALL Central Ohio hospitals will be sending families home with a sleep sack for their babies through a CelebrateOne partnership.

Sleep sack is one size only: Sized for a baby 6 months or younger, up to 26 inches long, 10 to 18 pounds.

Please allow at least two weeks for processing and delivery of sleep sack.